address of is a formal ip address for used by D-Link and Netgear brand routers. This adress is a gatewey for a special IPv4 network.You can use just one device on this IP address.
You can use another addresses for the same purpose and those are and
If you want the take information about the 192.168.l.254 , you’re on the right site. We’re providing all information about this IP address.

How to Login to

If you want to make some changes or Access your router interface , the following must be done step by step
• above all you need to connect device to the routers wi-fi.
• Write or copy-paste the into the search bar and push the enter button.
• Page will open after.(if it’s not open it means you couldn’t connected to the routers wifi or it’s not the correct IP address for your device.)
• Please write your username and password
• If you don’t know your login information about your router, you can find it on this website.
• Now, you reached to admin panel. You can chancge your settings and to configure your router.

Problem to Access to

If you can not connect to page, is not the true gatewey for your router. For connect to true gateway you must do them step by step.

• Most important, you should open the cmd. (window+ R and type cmd)
• You should write or copy/paste “inconfig/all” and push the enter button.
• Your router’s IP address is going to open on the screen.
• You should encounter the results between

If You Forgot The Router’s Login Information:

You should follow these steps
You need to restore your router to factory settings , then your router will reset username and password. You should push the button which is the placed at back side of your router.You need to push it for 10 or 15 seconds. After resetting to factory settings , you can login with the default username , and your default password.
If you don’t know the router’s default username and password, you can find it here.